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Teaching children about healthy habits

Posted on 04-05-2017

Healthy kids are happy kids, and one critical key to good health is to be active. Try these tips to get your child moving, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed!

Walk, walk, walk: Choosing to walk instead of driving somewhere is not only environmentally friendly but includes many health benefits for both your mind and body. A visit to the zoo or your local dog park is a fantastic way to get outside and get walking, so slip on your comfiest sneakers and head out the door!

Encourage exploration: Your child has unique interests, strengths, and capabilities, and with a little encouragement you can help them discover their own passion for exercise and sports. There are countless athletic activities that you can get your child involved in, whether it’s a classic ball sport like soccer or basketball, or something unique like gymnastics or martial arts. If one activity doesn’t spark their interest, try another!

Incorporate rewards: When your child achieves a fitness goal or excels in their favorite sport, let them know you’re proud of them! Take the family out to dinner to celebrate or reward your child with a new piece of sports equipment that they have been eyeing. With the knowledge that you are always there to support and encourage them, they will be eager to get active, work hard, and achieve their goals.

Remember to stay healthy while staying active. Here are a handful of tips to remember when exercising with your child:

  • Bring hand wipes to public places such as indoor parks or the zoo
  • Stay hydrated! Young children need five glasses of water each day to stay healthy.
  • Wear sunscreen when swimming or playing outside.
  • Don’t forget helmets when biking and roller blading.

Turn off the TV and get your kiddos moving to help them flourish! Encourage activity while having family fun and staying healthy. After all, no one ever set a goal to be the top couch potato!

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