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Preschoolers and First Time Sports

Posted on 08-25-2017

Your preschooler loves to run and jump, leap and spin, but might not be ready to follow even simple rules for organized sports. If you are thinking of enrolling your little one in a first time sport, then look for ones that focus not so much on competition and rules but rather on lots of play and having fun!

Preschoolers in first time sports

Most children are not ready to participate in a team sport until they around six or seven years of age. The National Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) discourages enrolling preschoolers in a team sport that involves complex rules and competitive play. Instead, the organization recommends that the average preschooler have an hour of unstructured physical activity (free play) and an hour of structured physical activity (guided play) every day.

Signing up your preschooler

When you look to sign your preschooler up for sports for the first time, the following tips will help you to find a fun activity that both you and your preschooler will love!

Check in with a local parents group or investigate an area recreation center or YMCA for a current roster of preschooler-friendly sporting activities. Other parents are often your best go-to when it comes to tracking down the best options available!

Look for a sports activity that deemphasizes competition and rules and focuses instead on playing and having fun together. Heavy competition and complicated rules will just discourage your preschooler and may deter from future involvement in sports!

Take time to talk with the coach and if possible with other parents involved in the sport in which you want to enroll your preschooler. The attitudes of the adults involved will definitely impact the experience of your child!

Choose something that gives you a chance to play with your preschooler, that will double the fun for both of you!

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