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How to Pack a Perfect Preschool Lunch

Posted on 07-28-2017

Your children grow each and every day, and they need proper fuel in order to concentrate, learn, and play once they start school. From picky eaters to constant snackers, there’s a perfect lunch for every child. Here are the key staples to include in every lunch to ensure that your child has enough energy to play all day.


Your child needs protein to both grow and have energy for all of her activities. Sandwiches with deli meat and cheese are an easy and affordable way to ensure that your little one gets enough protein. If your child prefers something else, try just sending her with deli meat or mini meatballs, and a cheese stick.


Fruit is a necessity for vitamins and can be sent in individual packages of cups or in baggies of cut up apples or oranges. Bananas are great options as well for their ease in packing and eating. If all else fails, grapes are a popular fruit for children due to their light taste and small size. If you can get your little one to munch on veggies, all the more reason to pack it in her lunches! Baggies of broccoli or baby carrots are delicious options that are also mess-free.


You’ll want to know if your child’s preschool offers a snack during the day to determine whether or not to send her with an extra snack. Even so, if your child gets extra hungry, packing snack options like crackers or pretzels is a good way to make sure she has something. Sending an extra bag of her favorite fruit or veggie is also a good healthy snack idea.

Remember - water is an equally important part of your child’s diet! Juices are very popular with children, however they have tons of sugar in them and can be bad for growing kids’ teeth. Most preschools that provide beverages will hand out juice boxes, so send your child with water or flavored waters that contain less sugar.

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