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How to Celebrate Father’s Day with Children

Posted on 06-10-2017

Father’s Day is almost here, and it’s time to start considering some ideas to help your preschooler celebrate their dad. Here are some fun ideas to get you thinking about what activities and gifts you are going to pull off for the father in your life this year.

Start traditions with your preschooler.

Traditions are an excellent way to make Father’s Day special. Start out every year with a homemade breakfast for dad with his favorite foods. Serve his coffee or orange juice in a new mug every year, and let your little one help with the meal to show their love! You could also do something like taking father-son or father-daughter pictures every year to keep track of how much everyone changes from year to year!

Help your preschooler make crafts for dad.

Crafts for dad are a way that your little one can make their father feel unique. Look for awesome crafts that include handprints, thumbprints, or other various things that can show the age and skill of your preschooler. Help them write a special message for dad on the back of the craft, and be sure to mark the date for future reference!

Make preschool friendly baked goods for dad.

Food is the way to dad’s heart, right? Let your preschooler make dad some snacks to put in his lunch box or quick breakfast grabs for the mornings. Try no-bake cookies, granola bars, and easy desserts that can be eaten on the go. Dad is sure to appreciate the thought put into these treats, and they will be so welcomed on long days and to and from work.

Let your preschoolers show their love for their dad in their own way. It’s so awesome to see how little personalities come out, and that’s what makes gift giving so much more fun. Father’s Day is a great day for all!

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