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Cleaning with Preschool Children

Posted on 03-28-2017

Ah, springtime. The sun is out, the birds are chirping—and the house is overflowing with items that have accumulated over winter break! If the change in weather has you eager to de-clutter and deep clean and you’re looking for a way to incorporate your preschool kiddos, we have a handful of ideas to get you started this month.

Create a chore chart.

Spend some time together creating and decorating a chore chart for the kiddos in your family. Tasks can be divided into different days of the week rather than trying to tackle every chore at once. Some cleaning ideas for older kids are taking out the trash and sweeping the floors, and your youngest can enjoy fluffing up couch pillows and setting up their toys in whatever organizational way they prefer. Your children can add fun stickers to the chart once they’ve completed a task, giving them a sense of accomplishment.

Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere.

Blasting fun music or singing cleaning-related songs will certainly get the whole family pumped about spring cleaning. You can even incorporate dancing into your cleaning routine as you vacuum, sweep, and make your way through the house. Turn up the tunes and get to work!

Separate and donate.

Why throw out old toys and clothing when someone who truly needs them could use them? Go through closets and drawers in your home with your preschool child, separating items you want to keep from those that are no longer of use to your family. You can even sort through items in your pantry/kitchen, looking for canned goods such as soups, beans and corn. Place the items you plan to give away into cardboard boxes and, as a family, take them to your local thrift store or Salvation Army. Show your children that not only can cleaning be fun, but it can also leave a positive impact on the community and help someone in need.

Don’t forget to reward yourselves after a long day of hard work. You may have worked up an appetite after all that de-cluttering, so why not treat yourselves? Take the whole family out for pizza, or go see a movie. This will teach your little ones that hard work pays off and can be rewarded.

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